Ultimate List: The 30 Best Hobbies For Men

30 Best Hobbies For Men

It’s only normal to get bored of the things you used to enjoy, and if you find yourself spending all your free time on unproductive activities, you know it’s time for a change. A man is never too old to try something new, and if that new thing eventually develops into a cherished hobby, even…

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What Is The Absolute Best Home Gym Equipment?

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To really get the most from your daily workout, you’ll need ongoing consistency, a detailed sense of focus, and a solid workout plan. Combine all of those factors with the enjoyment and convenience of a home gym, and you’ve got the ability to make yourself into a warrior.   Let’s face it, getting up and…

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Men Over 30: Start Eating These 10 Essential Foods Right Now

10 Foods Every Man Needs To Eat Banner

Our bodies require energy to function regularly and keep us going. We obtain this energy from nutrients found in the foods we eat, mainly from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. When talking about dieting, it’s essential to know that not one person is the same. Everybody has different nutritional needs based on their weight, metabolism, hormones,…

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How To Communicate More Effectively With Your Wife

How To Communicate With Your Wife Banner

As a man, you’ll never fully understand what goes on inside the mind of a woman. While it’s a fact of reality, it’s through no fault of your own. The way men see the world is just inherently different, but there’s nothing wrong with that.   Women pay much closer attention to specific words and…

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The Most Badass Dog Breeds For Men

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Whether you’re living in the heart of the city or you’re kicking it way out in the country, owning a dog brings a sense of adventure to every man’s life.   From hiking to hunting to meeting women at the dog park, it’s no coincidence that dogs have walked alongside the Uncivilized Man for thousands…

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The Secret To Growing Bigger Biceps Fast

Secret To Bigger Biceps Fast Banner

When it comes to making a statement on your strength and physical ability, gigantic biceps are one of the most significant ways to show the world that you’ve put in the hard work.   Everyone knows that it takes hundreds of painful reps to show off big biceps. You’re not going to do one curl…

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The Unbelievably Easy Way To Overcome Porn Addiction

Overcome Porn Addiction Banner

No matter how you look at it, pornography addiction has the power to break a man down into nothing. It starts out seeming as if there’s no harm in it.   You tell yourself that it’s no big deal–when in reality, consistently viewing porn will kill what makes you a powerful man. The healthy male…

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5 Best Men’s Cologne for 2021: Scents That That Women Love

Banner Best Mens Cologne 2021

Every man needs his own signature scent–something classic, yet fresh and modern at the same time. When he enters the room, women stop, stare, and take note of his presence.   Cologne is just like a nice watch–it completes the picture and is something every man should own. From citrus notes in the summer to…

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How To Get In Shape In Your 40’s Without Going Through Hell

How To Get In Shape In Your 40s Banner

In today’s fast-paced society, staying healthy and strong as you age is truly an impressive feat. Between those late nights at work and the junk food throughout the day, turning into a fat version of yourself is definitely easy to do.   Even if you’re happy with the way your body looks, you should focus…

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5 Super Easy Ways To Become A Happier Man

How To Become A Happier Man

Being happy isn’t some pie in the sky idea. It is practical and makes life better. It makes our relationships and our whole approach to life better. Which in turn makes life just seem better.   I want to start this off by stating that I am not an advocate of being overly happy. Pretending…

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