5 Best Men’s Cologne for 2021: Scents That That Women Love

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Every man needs his own signature scent–something classic, yet fresh and modern at the same time. When he enters the room, women stop, stare, and take note of his presence.   Cologne is just like a nice watch–it completes the picture and is something every man should own. From citrus notes in the summer to…

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How To Get In Shape In Your 40’s Without Going Through Hell

How To Get In Shape In Your 40s Banner

In today’s fast-paced society, staying healthy and strong as you age is truly an impressive feat. Between those late nights at work and the junk food throughout the day, turning into a fat version of yourself is definitely easy to do.   Even if you’re happy with the way your body looks, you should focus…

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5 Super Easy Ways To Become A Happier Man

How To Become A Happier Man

Being happy isn’t some pie in the sky idea. It is practical and makes life better. It makes our relationships and our whole approach to life better. Which in turn makes life just seem better.   I want to start this off by stating that I am not an advocate of being overly happy. Pretending…

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How To Be A Better Father

How To Be A Great Dad Banner

Parenting can be one of the most challenging aspects of life. Not just the responsibility of it, but the time and intensity of it. It’s not like driving where if you dent your car you can pop over to the body shop. If you mess up parenting you can seriously fuck your kin up.  …

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We’ve Discovered 5 Best Scotch Whisky’s for 2021

Best Scotch Whisky 2020 Banner

There are no two ways about it – comparing Scotch whisky by the bottle can be a herculean task. Especially considering the irresistibly attractive richness and depth of flavor that each maker brings to its own bottle. While some whisky aficionados swear by the robust, smoky peatiness of an Islay malt, others go for a smooth,…

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How To Ditch Low-Self-Esteem And Become A Confident Man

How To Increease Confidence Banner

Confidence isn’t what you look like, how much money you have or your relationship status. Building true confidence is an internal process of owning your power and living from a place of self-worth.   Confidence is one central characteristic that defines the well put-together man. It’s a well-known fact that confident men walk taller and…

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