Does Life Coaching Actually Work?

does life coaching really work

What Is A Life Coach? Almost every man can recall a great coach at some point in his life. Whether it was baseball, football, or simply the game of life, guidance from an experienced and disciplined expert is the path towards mastering a skill. Life coaches exist to bring you up to your full potential.…

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How To Beat Insomnia And Get Better Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause so many problems for both your health and your mind. Practice these tips and learn to sleep like a baby. Sleep always seems to be a commodity in short supply, and many people worldwide have trouble sleeping at some point in their week. Whether it’s stress from work, low…

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Men Over 30: Start Eating These 10 Essential Foods Right Now

10 Foods Every Man Needs To Eat Banner

Our bodies require energy to function regularly and keep us going. We obtain this energy from nutrients found in the foods we eat, mainly from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. When talking about dieting, it’s essential to know that not one person is the same. Everybody has different nutritional needs based on their weight, metabolism, hormones,…

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5 Super Easy Ways To Become A Happier Man

How To Become A Happier Man

Being happy isn’t some pie in the sky idea. It is practical and makes life better. It makes our relationships and our whole approach to life better. Which in turn makes life just seem better.   I want to start this off by stating that I am not an advocate of being overly happy. Pretending…

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How To Ditch Low-Self-Esteem And Become A Confident Man

How To Increease Confidence Banner

Confidence isn’t what you look like, how much money you have or your relationship status. Building true confidence is an internal process of owning your power and living from a place of self-worth.   Confidence is one central characteristic that defines the well put-together man. It’s a well-known fact that confident men walk taller and…

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