Are Pre Workout Supplements Any Good?

Do they do more harm than good?

In the past decade, pre-workout supplements have become one of the most pumped products in fitness for muscle growth, to prevent muscle fatigue for optimal exercise performance. Some formulations help you recover between sets and after a workout while others provide increased strength, endurance, focus — but all workout supplements offer some level of enhanced workout performance. In this article we’re going to give our take on these supplements: are they worth using?

In recent years there has been an uptick in pre workout supplements, like Male Ultracore, becoming increasingly popular due to their ability for users not only to experience better workouts and more pumps throughout those sessions (primarily through nitric oxide) but also from its effects as stimulants which can boost energy, aid recovery or even enhance cognitive function up until your next session depending on when it’s taken themselves).

In this article, we want to talk about whether or not taking pre workout supplements really does anything at all? We also wanted input from experts in the fitness industry who swear by them; so here’s what they had to say: “The short answer is yes.”

So what are pre-workout supplements?

Most people have heard of pre workout supplements, but do you know what they actually are? They’re essentially a product designed to increase the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric Oxide is naturally produced by our bodies and has many functions such as regulating blood pressure and relaxing smooth muscle tissues. The most common ingredients found in pre-workouts include stimulants that will give you an increased pump, focus strength, endurance during workouts – making them perfect for those looking to get into shape!

They also reduce lactic acid buildup in muscles which can lead to fatigue or soreness after the workout is over. It’s important that before beginning any new supplement regime, you consult with your physician first because some people may be more sensitive than others.


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What’s in pre workout supplements?

The nitric oxide boosters that are available on the market today have a lot in common. Most of them contain ingredients such as arginine, L-citrulline malate, caffeine, and various other vitamins and minerals to provide an energy boost for athletes or those who need more stamina at work. So let’s take a look at what these products do!



Caffeine is the single most potent, proven to work as an energy booster. It’s used in all stimulant-based pre workout supplements because without caffeine you’re not going to get that boost of power and focus before your workout begins. Caffeine improves exercise performance both mentally and physically by improving mental alertness, memory, mood stability; boosting physical strength endurance for increased reps or even weight training sessions – which may help improve cardiovascular health over time! In fact, it does so much good its become a staple ingredient found in almost every healthy diet today (at least once per day).



Creatine is a molecule that plays an important role in the body. It helps to fuel your immune system, maintain healthy muscle and bone tissue, produce red blood cells for carrying oxygen throughout our bodies—even repair DNA!

Creatine can be obtained from eating certain foods like meat or salmon; however, it’s also available as a supplement. When taken before workouts (especially high-intensity exercises), creatine has been shown to increase training duration by enhancing energy production during exercise which may potentially lead to more fitness gains over time if you are consistent with your regimen each day.

Creatine isn’t just a supplement, but rather the body’s secondary energy resource. Used during high-intensity training such as resistance training, creatine is stored in skeletal muscle and plays a big role in your performance. For this reason, besides being offered as a standalone product it is included in many pre-workout formulations to provide proven benefits for intense performance.


Nitric Oxide Boosters

As we mentioned, nitric oxide is a naturally produced compound in the body that has many functions. One of these roles is to improve blood flow by dilating vessels and triggering smooth muscle relaxation (vasodilation). So what’s needed for it to do this? Well among other things, L-Arginine or L Citrulline Malate are both compounds used by the body to produce Nitric Oxide since they’re vital parts of its production process. And if you ever noticed any mention on pre-workout formulations with either one–it’ll be because they play essential roles in making this beneficial molecule possible!


Are there any side effects?

Asking yourself if you should buy pre-workout supplements or not? There are some possible side effects that may make your life harder.


Energy Drop

Some of the most famous pre-workout boosters can easily lead to an energy crash, following the sudden and powerful spike in physical and mental energy during a workout.

This is mainly induced as your body adjusts after experiencing such an intense surge in both domains.


Caffeine Overload

The important thing to remember about stimulant-based products, such as pre-workout supplements is that they contain a huge amount of caffeine. Sure this can be great for giving you the boost and energy you need but it also leads to unwanted side effects like increased blood pressure, anxiety, or restless sleep patterns. But how do we know when our tolerance has been reached? One way would be if you’re feeling any unpleasant sensations from consuming too much coffee throughout the day – just take some time off!

The core ingredient in all stimulant-based products is caffeine which comes with its own set of both pros and cons. In order to make sure these are manageable there’s one key factor: knowing your caffeine limit.


Supplement Origin

The supplement industry is often unregulated. As a result, you might consume any number of unsafe ingredients that can be dangerous over time.

Your best bet when it comes to supplements is sticking with well-established brands and products that have been approved by an independent party before purchase! Lastly, always research your pre-workouts (and yourself) BEFORE starting them because the stimulants in these products may not work for everyone–pay attention to how they make YOU feel and what works FOR YOUR body type/needs as opposed to relying solely on recommendations from others!



Stimulant-based pre-workout supplements can really optimize performance.

But to avoid any side effects be sure to follow the list below:

  • Do your research, purchase a legit, approved product
  • Test your tolerance – How much caffeine can you intake without getting jittery?
  • Take your pre-workout 30 minutes before a workout in order for it to kick in on time
  • Avoid taking your pre-workout less than 6 hours before sleep (caffeine stays in your blood for quite some time)
  • Avoid supplementing with this DAILY – Use it only on your toughest workouts or days when you don’t have much energy and need a boost.
  • If you can’t handle stimulants, shoot for a stim-free pre-workout
  • ONLY take stim-based pre-workouts if you don’t have past/present cardiovascular issues


Ultimately, if you follow these guidelines, you will be able to find a good product that will increase your output, without putting you at risk of any possible side effects.

1. Do your research and buy a safe product.

2. You should test how much caffeine you can ingest without getting jittery.

3. Take your pre-workout 30 minutes before you work out so that it will be in your system on time.

4. Caffeine stays in your blood for a long time. So don’t take your pre-workout 6 hours before bed.

5. Do not use this supplement daily. It is good to use it for your hardest workouts or when you do not have much energy.

6. If you cannot handle stimulants, then you should take a stim-free pre-workout.

7. DO NOT take stim-based pre-workouts if you have past or present cardiovascular issues.


If you follow this advice, you will be able to find a good product that will increase your output without having any bad side effects.


What are your favorite pre-workout supplements?

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