Best Men’s Fitness Clothing Brands

Athletic clothing brands that won't make you look like a schlub.

When it comes to getting the most from your workout, you’ve got to wear workout gear that inspires and performs. In the past, men’s workout clothes were strictly limited to simple basketball shorts and old t-shirts. While that was fine for your high school days, today’s men’s activewear is designed to be high quality, quick-drying, and look great.

No one likes a sweaty t-shirt–and if you’re pushing yourself in the gym every day, you’re going to need clothes that match your performance level. Fabric made from cotton can quickly get damp, sweaty, and just plain unpleasant. New wicking and breathable materials can keep you cool and dry, no matter how hard you push. The right piece of clothing may even help you feel like a professional athlete.

Working up a sweat and getting into shape is no easy task. It takes discipline, drive, and an edge over the competition. Once you’ve done all of the hard work, you might as well show off all of your results with comfortable, modern sportswear. Today’s workout clothing is more than just function–it’s about fashion as well.

Whether you’re into running, lifting, or anything in between, we’ve found the best men’s fitness clothing brands on the market today. If you want to get your best workout in while you look good, take a look at the list below at some of our favorite brands.


Top Men’s Gym Gear For The Unique Man



If you’re looking for the best in modern style, ASRV is one brand that combines classic comfort with a stylish level of performance. ASRV designed their gear for the maximum level of mobility and range. Do you have a closet full of hoodies? If so, ASRV has a few that would fit nicely in your collection. Whether you’re heading to the gym or leaving after a solid workout, it’s essential to have a comfortable hoodie.

For the runners, they’ve designed a running short with built-in compression technology. These are fantastic for those cold winter morning runs or a new max-intensity workout. Ultra-light and prepared for the most comfort, these shorts wick away moisture as you really start to sweat. With the patented antibacterial treatment inside the material, you can run with confidence, knowing you still smell fresh. The compression shorts inside stretch with your legs and act as underwear, while the outer fabric is made to move freely with confidence.

With a modern urban style, ASRV combines black, white, and grey tones into a perfect palate of excellent-looking training wear. Some of their pieces can be a bit expensive in price, but their apparel is affordable thanks to their high-quality standards and material.


Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is best known for its lightweight boxers and underwear for men, but they’re also masters of lifestyle and workout gear as well. Their signature athletic fabric blend is quick-drying and fantastic at wicking away sweat during your workout. Whether you’re wearing Mack Weldon at the gym, while traveling, or just for comfort around the house, this is one lifestyle brand that delivers premium performance for athletes all over the world.

One of their best sellers is the Stratus Active Short, which comes either with or without an internal liner. Some men are a fan of the built-in underwear, while others prefer the unlined version’s freedom. Whichever one you pick, you can be confident that Mack Weldon is one of the best clothing brands for today’s modern man. Comparable to Iffley Road, the style of Mack Weldon is refined and centered on humble confidence.

Fit was the key focus for Mack Weldon when they were designing their fitness line. Often, activewear brands can either be too tight or too loose for some men, leading to negative performance and comfort. If you’re looking to stay warm in the winter, check out some of their long-sleeve pieces. One of the more toned down in regards to colors and shades, Mack Weldon focuses on lightweight microfiber fabrics that help keep you comfortable and casual–no matter the situation.


Alo Yoga

Yoga fanatics love Alo Yoga apparel for its overall style, quality, and feel. This powerhouse of a clothing brand is known worldwide for yoga, but they’ve recently added to their collection with workout gear made for weight-lifting, running, and full-time flexibility. As one of the first yoga brands for men, Alo Yoga designed all of their clothes to provide men with a full, fluid range of comfortable motion.

If you’re in the middle of your workout class and you start to get uncomfortable, there’s a whole list of things that can go wrong. You can lose your focus and easily ruin your entire workout for the day. When you’re wearing clothes with the proper fit and good moisture-wicking technology, you can focus strictly on making it to the next pose or the next mile marker.

Having captured the attention of so many men in the fitness community, Alo sportswear focused on the essential blend of tees, tops, shorts, and joggers. If you like to wear workout clothes, no matter the occasion, add Alo to your collection of athletic apparel. Activewear brands like Alo are moving quickly into the future of exercise where flexibility is king, workouts get better every day, and you always look your best.



If keeping cool is at the top of your list, Vuori has got you covered. As a company focused on pants and shorts, their essentials are made to stretch whether you’re running, training, or just hanging out. Good for the man who always keeps it casual, these signature pants are ultra-lightweight and made from premium breathable material.

When you’re searching for workout gear, it’s essential to keep the price in mind. Vuori delivers premium quality while making it easy on your budget. They’re big on ethical responsibility, so you can be sure that your clothes have been sourced with respect, designed with sustainability in mind, and made for every type of man.

Their fabric has been described as “buttery soft,” and they’re not joking. With enjoyment at the center of their design philosophy, these technologically advanced running shorts and joggers may earn the title of the softest material available today.

If you’re familiar with the Mako Short from Rhone, you’ll love the shorts from Vuori.

Need more than just new shorts? They’ve also got a great collection of shirts, both long and short sleeves. Some of the best men in the Olympics have been spotted wearing Vuori tees while training–if these guys love their running gear, we’re sure that you will as well.

Best Men’s Activewear For That Old School Style


As one of the original kings of sports and athletic wear, Nike is known for so much more than just shoes. Popular with both professional and everyday athletes around the world, Nike is one company that has some serious brand recognition. As the athletic wear leader, Nike tests all of its clothes for performance, feel, and style.

Whether you’re looking for the world’s dryest shirt or you simply need some new running shorts, Nike has got you covered. They’ve found the perfect blend of classic style from the golden years of Michael Jordan with today’s technology and athletics. Fitness has always been a foundation for Nike, and over the past half-century, they’ve cemented their name as a clothing brand worn by the best men and the strongest athletes.

It doesn’t matter if you just run around the track or play competitive sports with a group–they’ve got something for everyone, including the best men among us. Known as the premier brand for champions, Nike is the type of brand that turns heads no matter where you go. If you want to feel great, stay fit, and be stylish, Nike is the gear company for you.



Known mostly in the world of soccer, Adidas is another one of the brands that deliver old-school style with athletic performance. They’ve been around almost as long as Nike, but they’ve taken a different approach to style and fashion. While some of their shoes may look like they only serve one purpose (soccer), they’ve actually put together a great showcase of some of the best workout gear for men.

As one of the most iconic fitness and athletic apparel brands on the list, most men know Adidas for its signature three-stripe pattern. There’s nothing more old-school than the black long-sleeve hoodie with the three white stripes!

If you want a great new addition to your clothing collection, pick up an Adidas short sleeve shirt for the summer. They’ve really cornered the market for cooling technology, and their unique collection of athletic apparel is breathable, stylish, and perfect for your workouts on the hottest of days. It may seem like all the talk about “cooling fabric” is a gimmick, but believe us–it really does work! When compared to wearing a cotton t-shirt, breathable fabrics win every time. If you’re not fond of roasting in your workout gear, Adidas may be the choice for you.



Puma is another great brand for keeping it classy during your workout. Known as one of the first soccer gear and apparel brands, Puma now covers the full athletic spectrum. Train your hardest and reach for the highest goals with their cutting-edge gear and descriptive apparel. Perfect for the gym, the field, or the basketball court, Puma may earn the title as the greatest men’s sports brand of all time. Even if you’re on the budget-conscious side of life, Puma is a fantastic apparel option for the price.

If you want to turn heads as you’re turning your body into a powerful machine, Puma is a great brand to represent what your athletic goals mean to you. They’ve been in business since 1948, and they’ve been through every range of sports and fitness equipment. Pick any sport–from soccer to basketball to even Formula 1, and you can find the iconic beast logo being proudly worn.

Puma is definitely one of the old-school brands that focus on activity over casual “athleisure.” Unlike brands such as Outdoor Voices and Iffley Road, Puma is strictly for sports. You won’t find many guys wearing Puma polo shirts in the boardroom.


Under Armour

As one of the original old-school American brands, Under Armour is a great pick for the guys who go extra hard in the gym. They helped pioneer moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you comfortable and sweat-free when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. Known for their comfortable sweatpants and quick-drying workout shirts, their range of apparel covers quite a lot of good gear. Regarding price, you can expect to pay a premium for quality, but Under Armour is still quite affordable.

Compared to other leading brands like Outdoor Voices, Iffley Road, or Rhone, Under Armour uses a much brighter color palette and is big on branding. When you see an Under Armour hoodie, you can’t mistake that signature logo.


Best Men’s Gym Clothes For The Budget Conscious


Gym Shark

If you’re looking for form and function at a great price, go with Gym Shark. Their overall design tends to be for the younger crowd, but their gear is affordable, and the brand covers a range of functionality. Comfortable and ready for anything, Gym Shark sportswear covers all of the essentials. They’ve got some of the most responsive stretch fabric in the industry, and all of their activewear ranks as some of the toughest equipment on the entire list.

Taking your energy level to the absolute max requires more than just a fast pair of legs–you’ve got to have the best workout clothes on while you do it. Gym Shark was designed with results in mind, and they definitely deliver a quality product.

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