How To Get In Shape In Your 40’s Without Going Through Hell

Learn How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In Your 40’s

In today’s fast-paced society, staying healthy and strong as you age is truly an impressive feat. Between those late nights at work and the junk food throughout the day, turning into a fat version of yourself is definitely easy to do.


Even if you’re happy with the way your body looks, you should focus on what lies underneath as well. Your cardiovascular health and your ability to live a full life are tied to your physical activity level. What your body could handle before now starts to catch up with you–and your energy seems to disappear more every day.

The good news is that it’s never too late to make a change for the better, especially if you’ve already crossed the goalpost of 40. If you ask anyone over the age of 35, they’ll tell you that staying healthy gets harder as you get older. Life can get in the way of your workout routine, and you can quickly fall out of shape. So, if your body type is currently more like a couch potato than a marathon runner, then it’s time to get back in shape. Maybe you want to lose that pouch or even just get bigger biceps. Weight loss and strength training only get more difficult as time goes on, and if you ignore your daily workouts, you can expect your health to suffer as well.

You should attempt to work out every day, especially if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines for a while. Ease back into it, but get your heart rate pumping as quickly as you can. Sweating just a few times per week has been proven to fight against heart disease and is guaranteed to help you lose weight. Whether you’ve got time for 30 minutes each morning or an hour a few times a week, set aside some time to sweat. If you’re ready to give it all you’ve got, have a look below at our list of recommendations, get yourself back in shape before 50 sneaks up on you.


The Importance Of Diet When Getting In Shape In Your 40’s.

A fit body is the ultimate status symbol for any prominent man. It’s a symbol of dedication and time spent suffering to reach the ultimate goal of self-improvement. Your diet is like anything in life; what goes in determines what comes out. If you eat junk, you’ll produce junk results. To get back to your optimal performance, you’ll need to overhaul your entire diet and eliminate anything that’s not helping you reach your goals. A recently published study says that men with poor eating habits suffer from more than just bad physical health; they generally have deficient testosterone levels as well.

If you’re taking a stand and getting in shape, one of the first things you should do is clean all of the junk food out of your house. Delete the food delivery apps and erase the local pizza shop’s number. Even if a friend says you should join them for a cheat meal, don’t give in! You’ve got to eat clean to train clean, and the food you’re eating is the fuel that improves your body and health.

Our bodies don’t metabolize as they did back in our younger years–it’s much easier to put on weight, and getting rid of it gets even more challenging. Going on a healthy diet doesn’t mean starving yourself; it’s just part of what has to be done if you put your health first.


Eat Good Protein

Eat More Of The Right Protein.

When choosing your protein for dinner, make sure you go with the best cuts of either lean beef, chicken breast, or wild-caught fish. These natural proteins are filled with healthy fat and supercharge your health to replenish many of the nutrients needed to keep you living well. Don’t skimp on the protein–the FDA says that the average man needs to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body mass every day.


End Late Night Snacking

Ease Up On Late Night Snacking.

Don’t get caught in the trap of stopping by the refrigerator every 5 minutes. If you’re serious about your weight loss goals, eating those late-night snacks could be holding you back from making any progress. Also, eating right before bed may be a factor that contributes to hormone imbalances and heart disease. Don’t start the habit of cooking more food than you need. Making prepared meals is an excellent idea; just don’t consume them all at once. Those snacks may taste good, but it’s a habit that can keep you fat.


Cut Out Sweets

Eat Fewer Sweets.

It seems like there’s sugar in nearly everything now! From your fresh bread to that morning glass of juice, foods with added sugars can be a secret assassin to your diet’s success. While eating fresh fruit is one of the best things you can do for your health and body, you’ve got to balance it out. Avoid things like applesauce and instead, go with an orange or some grapes. Even foods like yogurt can be deceptive in their sugar content. Definitely stay away from any candy and pass on the donuts and cookies–these are what cause you to put on fat.


Drink More Water

Drink More Water.

This one is of high importance–especially for men over 40. Your body needs water to function at it’s best, and if you ignore drinking the recommended amount each day, you could be setting yourself up for health issues and physical pain. If you’re getting ready to exercise, be sure to bring enough water with you.

One recent study says that there is a direct correlation between water intake and weight loss. The more you drink, the more weight you’ll lose. When you feel like eating, take a big drink instead. Remember: water is the key to life and fitness!


Eat Whole Organic Foods

Eat More Whole, Organic Foods.

A good piece of advice is to stick with the outside walls of the grocery store. This is where you’ll find all of the fresh and whole foods. Avoid any meals that come frozen or in a box–these are packed full of sodium and don’t provide any health benefits. Stick with green, leafy vegetables and control your salt intake as well. If you struggle in the kitchen, now’s the time to embrace your inner chef and learn how to cook.


Try Intermittant Fasting

Try Intermittent Fasting.

If cooking isn’t your favorite, intermittent fasting may be a powerful solution for your weight loss goals. This method simply has you eat in a small designated window, once a day. This saves on the stress of meal planning, cooking, and cleaning. All you’ve got to do is get your calories in one big meal, and you can get back to charging through the day. This might sound like a huge challenge, but you’ll find that it’s actually relatively easy and even enjoyable. As you get older, fasting can help clear out the dead cells and toxins that lead to chronic disease.


take male Supplements


An even better supplement accompanies every excellent meal plan. If you’re planning on getting into some high-intensity workouts, you’re going to want your hormone levels to be in perfect sync. Especially for guys over 40–a tried and true natural testosterone boosting supplement will bring out the best in you, no matter your age.


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Best Workouts Routines For Men Over 40

If you’ve been trying to get in shape on your own but never seem to stick with it, now is the time to hire a personal trainer. They’ll provide you with a weight training program and ensure you’re hitting all of your exercise groups.


Start Slow and Build-Up.

As tempting as it may be, don’t go in on the first one and attempt to show off. If it’s been a few months or longer since you’ve worked out a muscle group, you’re going to be sore the next morning. There’s no way around it. Start with just a few exercises and work your way up to doing some sort of physical activity consistently throughout the week.


Strength Training.

Just because you’ve crossed 40 doesn’t mean you can’t lift some weight. Guys of any age can turn it around and start stacking on muscle, no matter how old they are. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger says that guys can bulk up all the way through their 40s! To really make the most of a strength training program, you’ll need to hit every muscle group a few times a week and keep a consistent workout schedule.



Keeping your heart rate high for an extended period is a fantastic way to build your endurance and stay fit. Even if you absolutely hate to do cardio, you should attempt to make it a habit. Just ten minutes of cardio during each workout is enough to make a difference and help keep you in shape.


Full-Body Movements.

One of the benefits of staying fit is being flexible. If it’s been a while since you’ve touched your toes, you’ll want to start with doing a few full-body movements to assess the current state of your fitness.


Stretching And Yoga.

Strength is much more than how much weight you can lift–it’s also relative to how well you can balance and hold yourself up. Yoga was never just for women; this is a form of exercise that will push you to your limits and form both your mind and body into shape. A word of advice–if you’re just starting out, you’ll need to take it slow. Both yoga and stretching help your muscle tissue to heal and work out the tightness getting in the way of your progression.



Exercises Men Over 40 May Want To Avoid



It’s tempting to want to deadlift 300 pounds like you could in the workout of your younger days. The only problem lies within the fact that your back just isn’t as strong as it used to be. No matter how well or how often you exercise, deadlifts are not recommended for most men in their 40s. Even if the trainer says to incorporate deadlifts in your routine, avoid using anything heavier than your bodyweight.


There are far better ways to work your abs than pushing through hundreds of sit-ups. Planks, body squats, and leg lifts are all superior exercises for guys in their 40s. Many times, sit-ups can leave your lower back feeling sore. Try to find the best ab exercise for your needs; there’s a different one for each workout of the week. Your core is essential to a healthy physique, don’t skip out on your abs!

Intense Cardio

While getting a nice sweat going is definitely rewarding, there’s no need to push yourself beyond your limits. Exercise is meant to help your body grow, but you can end up with many different injuries if you try to do too much too fast. It’s easy to go from fit to fat with the right cardio–just don’t try to give yourself a heart attack a few times per week. You need to rest!


One exercise almost everyone knows of is the classic squat. Squats will help to build muscle and increase your overall fitness, but they don’t do too much to help you lose weight. Even though body squats are a great exercise, and it’s highly recommended you incorporate them into your workouts, weighted barbell squats should be avoided by guys in their 40s. The extreme pressure from the weight can lead to many different injuries. If you must attempt squatting, be very attentive to what your body says.


How Often Should A Man Over 40 Exercise?

Even if you don’t have the energy, push through the doubt, and make time to fit in a quick workout. You could easily be a few exercises away from happiness. Most of the time, you’ll be delighted with your decision to go out and exercise. Fitness is a journey and never a destination, so you should plan to work out as often as your body says you can. If you can focus on your fitness, you’ll have the power to embrace your age and stay healthy for many years to come.

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