The Secret To Growing Bigger Biceps Fast

The Best Bicep Strategy To Give You Bigger Arms

When it comes to making a statement on your strength and physical ability, gigantic biceps are one of the most significant ways to show the world that you’ve put in the hard work.


Everyone knows that it takes hundreds of painful reps to show off big biceps. You’re not going to do one curl a day and end up looking like a beast. You’ve got to put in some effort, but you’ve also got to get adequate rest. Let’s face it–women don’t want skinny guys with little chicken arms. They want men who can pick them up and throw them around!

Before you start on your journey to build bigger biceps, it’s essential to know how these muscles are formed and how they move to keep your entire body healthy. Starting with the brachialis and brachioradialis, this group of muscles in your upper arm connects with your elbow flexors to deliver a powerful jolt along the entire length of your whole arm. Tough and resilient, this muscle group can take on a ton of force. When you’re using your upper arms on a dumbbell curl, you’re engaging these guys.

The biceps and triceps work together to help you push that heavy weight, especially when you’re using your back or chest muscles. Finally, the long head (also known as the bicep peak) runs along the outside of the arm and helps you with extending your range of motion.

Building bigger arms is a pretty straightforward process; all you need is some weight, a few key exercises, and a willingness to push yourself. Simply follow a simple workout routine, push yourself to the limit, and you’ll have no issues with growing your bicep muscles. Guys, exercise isn’t something that comes easy–it’s what separates the men from the boys. If you need to do some curls to get the girls, have a look at our exercise recommendations below. You can even skip the gym and do it at home with a kick-ass home gym setup. Taking a workout supplement like Male Ultracore can really help you lift heavier and help you recover faster. 


How Often Should I Work My Biceps?

This is a question that’s as old as the concept of working out. Men always want to know if they can work out their bicep muscles every day, and the answer is that it’s generally not recommended. If you’re lifting heavy weights, you’ll need to take some time off in between each session to allow those arm muscles to heal fully. After about three days, you’re ready for the next set of reps in your biceps workout. Muscle building takes time, so be patient in your quest and ensure that you’re hitting every muscle group on rotating days off. The best recommendation for working your biceps is simply two to three times a week with different exercises each time. Take great care not to injure yourself; these muscles can take a while to heal if you damage them beyond repair. 


How Can I Get Huge Biceps?

If you want those huge arms that bust out of your t-shirts, you’ll need a combination of time, a great diet, and a reliable biceps training program. If you’re going to be working out from home, consider purchasing two dumbbells or a barbell. Muscle growth takes dedication, and you should expect to put the work in for a few months before you start to see any dramatic results. Guys, it’s going to be a bit painful to build your biceps bigger–as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” Eat healthily and stay clean from junk; your arm size is also dependent on your water intake, so be sure to swig down as much as you can throughout the day.

Exercise is crucial, and you’ll need to lift heavy if you expect to see any dramatic results. Make every rep count, use the tempo of your breath, and pace yourself throughout the full range of motion. Take a slight rest when you get back to the start position; reset your grip, and then complete your next curl.  Repeat for the entire set, keeping your elbows in check and palms facing straight up. If you can push through the pain and keep going, you’re guaranteed to grow massive biceps in no time at all.

It’s easy to think that you’re working when you’re just tossing weight around.  Whether you’re working out on a cable machine or you’ve got a dumbbell in each hand, keep a deep focus on every exercise, and you’ll reach your goals much quicker.


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What Are The Best Exercises For Bigger Biceps?

Starting with the classic biceps curl, take your dumbbell and place your arms shoulder-width apart. Always keep this space between your shoulders; this stabilizes your entire body and ensures you’re not cheating. Using an underhand grip, complete as many reps as you can. On the next set, either raise or lower the weight depending on how strenuous the exercise was. Keep a tempo in rhythm with your breathing. Don’t overdo it but remember to push yourself–it’s got to be uncomfortable if you really want to get those biceps to their best!

Dumbbell exercises are vital to developing your biceps to be at their biggest. You can try the classic hammer curl to boost your biceps brachii. One of the best  Any weight will work; you don’t need a specific arm dumbbell.

If you’ve got access to a barbell, you can use the wider grip on the bar for different exercises. Start again with your feet shoulder-width apart, and then complete as many biceps curls as you can. Once the muscle starts to burn past the point of your tolerance, set the bar back to the start position, and take a quick rest. Barbell exercises are fantastic for engaging the full range of motion in your arm. Do as many sets as you can for maximum growth potential.

Another option is the well-known EZ bar. This zig-zag piece of equipment keeps your arms in line and helps you complete nearly perfect biceps curls. Thanks to the design of the grip, it’s almost impossible to mess up this exercise. Unlike dumbbells, the bar keeps your hands steady with your palms facing out. If you’ve got access to one of these, you’ll be able to get in training for both your biceps and triceps at the same time. Looking for a real challenge? Try doing sets of 21 reps on an EZ bar! That’s one biceps curl that will get you ripped in no time flat.

Combine all of these exercises with a strong shoulder and lower back, and you’ll be putting on muscle mass in just a few reps each day. Whether you like to curl on a bar or dumbbell, just put in the time, and you’ll see the results. And remember the more muscle and exercise we get the more it increases blood flow and boost your immune system. 


How Many, and What Kind Of Sets Should I Do To Get Bigger Biceps?

Ask any guy with big biceps, and they’ll tell you that there’s a different workout for nearly every day of the month. From training with curls to sitting at the preacher bench, there are hundreds of ways to work out your arms. The best answer to this question lies with what works best for you and your workout needs. It’s generally recommended to complete around 7 or 8 different sets of curls in your biceps training. Do this three or four times a week, and each time you’ll be one dumbbell curl closer to your goals.


How Long Does It Take To Build Bigger Biceps?

Whether you’re using a bar for training or you’re pounding out some hammer curls with dumbbells, you’re not going to see gigantic biceps after just one or two weeks. Most experts agree that it takes a minimum of one month to notice a difference in your body, with 90 days being the critical point for seeing the full effect. Get to work now, and you’ll be rewarded with gigantic biceps in about three months.


How To Make Your Biceps Wider?

It’s one thing to have tall biceps when you flex, but it’s also nice to have a powerful and wide muscle on your arm; make sure you’re hitting both the upper and lower muscle groups in your workout. Training a specific part of your bicep muscle is possible if you study the different movements and focus on where you want the muscle to grow.


How To Build Bigger Biceps Without Weights?

If you don’t have access to a gym or can’t buy weights, you can still build up your natural strength and increase your confidence with the power of gravity. Pull-ups are fantastic for packing on muscle, and you can scale their effectiveness by simply completing more reps. Doing a pull-up correctly takes a bit of practice. Be sure only to use your upper body while keeping your lower half still. Follow the tempo of your breath, then pull with your arms and your back. Use your biceps to curl your chin over the top, tighten up your back, and then come down to rest. Do as many reps as you can, then take a break. Pull-ups also build muscle across your entire upper torso, from your triceps to your shoulders.

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