What Is The Absolute Best Home Gym Equipment?

Whether You Want To Bulk Up Or Slim Down We Share The Best Home Gym Gear

To really get the most from your daily workout, you’ll need ongoing consistency, a detailed sense of focus, and a solid workout plan. Combine all of those factors with the enjoyment and convenience of a home gym, and you’ve got the ability to make yourself into a warrior.


Let’s face it, getting up and going to a gym can be a huge hassle and a waste of your valuable time. There’s the membership fee, an overcrowded parking lot, and a room full of amateurs hogging the best equipment. Also, the new public health and safety precautions get in the way of a great workout. You don’t want to put your health at risk–and you definitely don’t want to work out with a mask on.

If you’re looking to skip the gym’s social scene and get down to the hard work, make the investment, and put together your very own home gym! No matter your sport or physique, owning a complete home gym will give you the power and ability to focus only on your workout. Take an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement like Male Ultracore and some great tunes and get ready to transform your physique. If you’re wanting to take control of your total health, have a look below and get your heart rate up with these picks for the best home gym equipment.



Best Home Gym Equipment Bas Ufc

Best Men’s Home Gym Equipment For The Fighter:

UFC Body Action System

Whether you’re training for your next cage match or practice the art of self-defense, the UFC Body Action System (BAS) is a fantastic solution for a full-body workout with maximum force. Built on a solid steel frame, this heavy-duty piece of equipment can easily handle the toughest of blows.

Whether you’re hitting the bags with a jab, an uppercut, or a right hook, you’ll never have to hold back on this cardio workout. No sparring partner? No problem. The BAS is the best thing you’ll find compared to your partner on the mat. Combined with the included coaching videos, this system will get you ready for the fight, no matter your fitness level.

Developed by UFC hall-of-fame fighter Bas Rutten, the Body Action System was designed to give any man the ability to train like a professional fighter. You won’t have to hang any heavy bags or waste your time shadow boxing any longer!

The BAS is perfect for the home gym in a spare room or garage; the entire system folds up neatly and doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for a quick, powerful, and challenging workout, the UFC Body Action System is everything you need to hit hard.



Great Home Gym Equipment Hydrow Rower

Best Men’s Home Gym Equipment For Cardio:

Hydrow Rower

Like everything in these modern times, technology and internet connectivity have revolutionized home workout equipment. The Hydrow rower is a sleek, silent, and immensely comfortable rowing machine, complete with a Full HD monitor and Bluetooth connectivity. The patented drag mechanism built into the Hydrow uses a distinct computer-controlled pulling mechanism to recreate the feel of rowing on open water. Other machines can leave you wanting more; it can feel like the resistance never matches the same feel as the lake or river. Hydrow makes it feel like you’re oot on the open water. Whether you live in the desert, on a mountain, or right near the sea, the Hydrow gives you the ability to row for miles and miles.

If you’ve been missing the atmosphere of your group workouts, the Hydrow comes with its own social club. Workout with your friends, meet a new workout partner, or climb to the top of the leaderboard–it’s cardio exercise reimagined. Compared to other rowing machines, the Hydrow comes out on top for the best design and ease of use.

Every Hydrow rowing machine ships with a one-year warranty, so you can row with confidence in your investment. The machines are built with pride and quality; you won’t have to worry about working out too hard on this one.

As a bonus, the Hydrow comes with a set of resistance bands, a mat, and yoga blocks to help you complete that whole body home exercise routine. This space-saving rower can be stored upright and tilted down when you’re ready to get in a few laps. If you’re looking to build a strong back and a solid core, the Hydrow is an essential addition to any home gym equipment.



Top Home Workout Equipment Horizon Fitness Stationary Bike

Horizon Fitness Stationary Bike

Yesterday’s exercise equipment was strictly analog. The Horizon Fitness Stationary Bike changes the game and brings indoor cycling into the technological age. Built for those who love streaming live classes, the Horizon Fitness Stationary Bike allows you to connect your exercise bike to the top streaming fitness apps. It’s simple, just strap your iPad to the center of the handlebars and jump into your workout! Whether you work out with Peloton or sweat with onDemand, you can ride your bike alongside everyone else working out at home.

Indoor cycling is a fantastic way to warm up for any workout, and this bike is built for speed. With a weighted front wheel and an adjustable resistance knob, you can easily coast while you cool down or bring your heart rate up to full throttle. An LCD console built into the bike gives you real-time reinforcement and leads you through a complete workout to simulate real-life road cycling.

This bike completes any modern home gym and pairs well with any strength training program. If you’re seeking the best in pedal power, the Horizon Bike is one piece of equipment that will keep you riding for years to come.


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Best Home Fitness Gear Stealth Plank Machine

Best Men’s Home Workout Equipment For Core Strengthening:

Stealth Plank

Maintaining good core strength is the foundation for any solid exercise routine. Anyone who’s ever attempted to get in shape knows that the abs are one of the easiest muscle groups to ignore. It’s no secret that it takes a great deal of dedication and focus on building an eye-catching chiseled six-pack. The formula to a rock-solid core is simple; you need resistance, time, and focus.

When it comes to the best exercise equipment for core workouts, the Stealth Core Trainer brings a whole new challenge to the classic plank exercise. Using your smartphone’s gyro sensor, the Stealth Plank machine turns a classic piece of home gym equipment into an easy to use and entertaining challenge. Just plug your smartphone into the receiver, and you’ll turn your home workout into a health fitness video game!

While it may seem like you’re just having fun, you’re really working 29 different muscles with 360-degree turns! There are eight different games to choose from, so you can take on a new challenge every day of the week.

Made of high-quality, durable plastic, this plank machine will get you in shape quickly. Durable rubber arm pads keep you in the game, even after your arms start to burn. Once you’re done with your workout, simply store the Stealth Plank in a closet, and you’re good to go. You’re even able to track your exercise progress and join challenges with their Stealth app!



Awesome Home Workout Gear Rhino Rope

Rhino Rope

This isn’t the jump rope from your gym-class days. The Rhino Rope uses weight to combine resistance training and cardio fitness into one quick workout! Crafted with a durable non-slip grip, this weighted rope brings Crossfit’s intensity into any home gym. This is by far the best jump rope on the market today and was developed with three different weight levels for various challenges. This rope isn’t a resistance band like you may have seen with Fit Simplify; it’s strictly a classic jump rope with added weight.

Each set of Rhino Ropes comes with three ropes ranging from 3 pounds all the way up to 9 pounds. Depending on the intensity of your desired workout, you can adjust the weight as needed. If you’re stuck with a small space or just a more compact way to workout, the Rhino Rope is perfect. From the garage to the bedroom, you can jump to your heart’s content.

If you’re looking to shape up quickly, go with the Rhino Rope. There’s no gym set up; you’ll work your lower body and upper body simultaneously and reach your fitness goals faster than ever before. If you hate running or don’t have space for an exercise bike, the Rhino Rope has everything you need to sculpt those muscles.



Top Home Fitness Equipment Bowflex Selectech 552

Best Men’s Home Workout Equipment For Building Muscle:

Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbells 

In the past, buying a complete weight set for your gym at home was a huge undertaking. You had to buy thousands of dollars worth of weights and lug them inside just to complete a gym set up in your home. Now with the SelectTech Dumbells from Bowflex, one compact set of adjustable dumbbells replaces an entire rack of exercise equipment!

Bowflex has been in the game from the start when it comes to the best home gym equipment. They’re the king of resistance training and have helped millions of guys reach their fitness goals through modern technology. With the included training app filled with hundreds of exercise options, these dumbbells best the competition and provide a versatile workout without taking up half of your gym setup. Strength training doesn’t come easy, but these dumbbells are in it for the long haul.

Durable and easy to use, just click the dial to adjust your desired weight. From 5 lbs to almost 60 lbs each, you’ll be able to run the full spectrum of the best in home exercise. Simply your equipment, and you’ll simplify your life–leaving you more time to plan your meals and work on your overall health.

For those looking to add some bulk to their physique, these adjustable dumbells provide all the weight you need to increase size and build rock-solid muscle. Consider adding a small weight bench into your home gym to get the most out of your dumbbell workout. Once you’ve got the ability to lay back, you can really start to work your chest, biceps, and shoulders.

Combine these adjustable dumbbells with a few sets of different exercises and a few pull-ups, and you’ll be on track to have all the attention from the girls on the beach!



Great Home Gym Equipment Trx

Best Men’s Home Workout Equipment For Body Weight Excercise:


The TRX is the complete home fitness solution for the man looking to workout at home, in the park, or on the go. Built with a foundation on suspension training, the TRX uses gravity to enhance the weight. Changing the resistance level is as simple as moving your hands and feet. Perfect for every season, you’re able to complete your workout in the backyard or inside the house with just a few minutes each day. Investing in a complete suspension training system like the TRX is one of the best decisions you can make for your home gym. Each resistance band is crafted to help you build muscle, burn fat, and tone up to your dream body.

The concept behind this set of workout equipment is simple yet very effective. Set your resistance bands on any strong anchor (such as a door or pole) and use your body weight to feel the burn with the best home workout you’ve ever seen. High-intensity interval training has been proven to elevate your overall health fitness dramatically, and the TRX system gives you peak performance without the need for any bulky machine. Instead of worrying about the added weight, your routine evolves, and the difficulty increases with each level-up.

Compared to other systems like Fit Simplify, TRX gives a greater depth to your daily workout. These bands are perfect for any age; whether you’re getting fit for college or staying in shape as you age, the TRX bands provide an easy solution to avoid injury while continuously challenging you to beat your best.

Another added benefit is the ability to see the different TRX exercises directly on your smartphone, 365 days a year. Once you purchase your set of resistance bands, you’ll receive unlimited access to the premium workout app, and you’ll also have access to their top-notch concierge service. If you’ve ever got any questions about your workout, simply reach out and let them know–it’s like having a personal trainer for every one of your home workouts! The TRX is definitely at the top of our recommendations for the best home gym equipment and is guaranteed to elevate you to your best performance.

For men over 40, it is even more important to get regular exercise to keep your hormones in check and prevent injury and health issues. In fact, getting proper exercise and being in shape is a great way to prevent lowered sex drive as we age.

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