The Untold Way To Naturally Increase Your Sex Drive After 40

Proceed With Caution, You Are Going To Feel Like A Horny Teenager Again

It’s no secret that after 40, your sex life starts to slow down. Your body can feel worn out, your libido is nonexistent and what used to be wild nights in bed with your woman are now just quiet and boring.


As you age, testosterone levels start to taper off and fall, life gets a bit more stressful with work, and specific issues like erectile dysfunction can play a role in losing your overall sexual desire. If you’ve been suffering from sexual problems, there’s good news–you can take action today to naturally improve your testosterone levels and your sex life and start to feel like you did just a few years ago.

No matter how hard you try and fight it, sexual dysfunction is just a natural fact of aging. Men worldwide suffer from a low sex drive, mostly due to an imbalance of hormones and the nature of their environment. Losing your sexual function is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when the reasons may be beyond your control. Let’s face it; modern society just isn’t designed to keep men strong and healthy–this is why it’s so crucial that you work to increase your sex drive as you get older.

Whether it’s a lack of exercise, a low diet, or many other health reasons, it’s never too late to make the changes and find out the ways to get back to your full potential. If you’re suffering from a lack of libido or just need a boost to get back on top of your game, here’s a complete list of the ways to help increase your sex drive as from your 40s to beyond.



5 Benefits Of An Active Sex Life

Boosts Immune System

Who would have thought that having sex regularly could reduce your risk of cancer and heart attacks? It’s true! Sex reduces your overall anxiety and also provides you with a vital emotional connection to your partner. When you feel secure in yourself and your relationship, your body’s hormone levels will be at their optimum levels. Healthy hormone and testosterone levels actively fight against aging, sickness, and pain. One study of men showed that having sex twice a week reduced their heart disease risk by almost 50%! Taking control of your health means having the best sex ever, no matter how old you are.


Live A Longer Life

Time is the most important thing we have, and most of us want to live as long as we possibly can. One way you can increase your chances of living a long and healthy life is to embrace your sexual desire! Intimate relationships are essential for both men and women, and when you feel connected to your woman, you’ll have higher oxytocin levels. Commonly known as the “love hormone,” men with elevated oxytocin levels have been known to live longer and fuller lives. Taking care of your sexual health is key to aging gracefully.


Reduces Stress

Life is stressful; there’s no doubt about that. From work to finances, it’s easy to lose your libido when you’re made all the time. Making time for sexual activity is one of the ways that might help you reduce your stress levels on a day to day basis. When you’re having regular sex, your partner has the best way in the world to release your tension and erase your stress!


Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Sex is generally always on the mind of a man; it’s just only a problem when you’re not having any. If you’re not getting any female sexual attention, you’re most likely going to be pretty upset about it. It’s only natural. Think about the times in your life that you were the most depressed or anxious. Were you having regular sex then? If not, then you’ll understand that going without a sex life leads to a dark mental state. Testosterone levels drop, leading to an overall loss of confidence and happiness. If you’re looking for a way to relax, one method may be to jump into bed and have some sexual therapy with your woman.


Sleep Better

Sleep problems are some of the worst. When you’re tired all the time, life just doesn’t seem like it’s worth living. You suffer when you’re at work and just go straight to bed when you’re at home. Many medical factors can cause sleep issues, but having regular sex can increase your hormone levels and lead to much more restful sleep. One study showed that men who have great sex right before bed might fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Guys, you know how good it feels to just drift off to sleep after sex. If you’ve been waking up throughout the night or you’ve got problems staying in bed, increase your sex drive, and you’ll wake up well-rested and ready for anything.


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8 Surefire Ways To  Increase Your Sex Drive After 40:


Increase Sex Drive Naturally Exercise


People who exercise regularly have proven time and time again that moving your body will increase your sex drive and lower your chances of sexual dysfunction. If you’ve been skipping your daily workout and feeling low, this might be a contributing factor to your issues. Science backs up this claim; the top-ranked doctor at the Cleveland Clinic says that regular exercise may indeed boost your sex drive. So many great exercises can be done at home with the right home gym gear. Related activities such as gardening, hiking, and biking also count as working out and help keep your sexual function at its peak.



Naturally Increase Mens Sex Drive Diet

Fix Your Diet

Eating junk food turns you into junk. It’s been proven that if you’re ingesting bad things into your body, then you’re at risk of dealing with a low sex drive. One of the best ways to help your hormone levels and boost your sex drive is to focus on what you’re eating. Making significant changes such as avoiding fast food and cutting back on sugar are guaranteed to boost your libido. When you’re feeling healthy, you’ll be more in the mood for sex, and your libido is sure to come back even stronger.



How To Increase Mael Sex Drive Supplements


There’s nothing wrong with boosting your hormones through the power of natural extracts. This is especially true with all-natural testosterone boosting supplements. People have embraced the power of all-natural supplements for thousands of years, and many health professionals agree that a proven supplement can boost your libido and overall health level. Because these supplements are not medical drugs, they’re generally safe for anyone to take. No matter your age, there’s a great supplement to help you supercharge your libido and sex drive.



Increase Libido Men Reduce Stress

Control Your Stress Levels

If you find yourself consistently clenching your jaw or walking around angry all of the time, your stress could be negatively impacting your health. If you’re always mad, you won’t have any energy for your libido. Sex–which should be the most important–comes secondary to the stress, which can then put a considerable strain on your relationship. Consider taking a few yoga classes or work on breathing exercises. High stress is directly related to lower testosterone and may send your libido down to zero.



Increase Mens Sex Drive Naturally Sleep

Get Good Sleep

This one ties nicely with working out. If you get your heart rate up, you may just drift off into dreamland far quicker. Also, your testosterone level is bound to improve when you’re well-rested. Medical experts always agree that your body needs to complete each cycle of rest throughout the night. Working too much or worrying all night long can lead to big problems in your relationship or with your libido.   Make sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour and avoid blue light from your computer or phone before you lay down for the night. One related study has shown that having sex right before you call it a night may naturally improve your ability to get a full night’s rest.



Increase Male Sex Drive Naturally Talk To Wife

Talk To Your Partner

Getting to know your partner on a deeper level may lead you to a better and deeper intimate connection. Make sure you’re talking with her regularly. Many times, men can believe that women are okay when they could be suffering in silence. Listen to what she says; you may be able to learn about desires or fantasies that she’s never shared with you. Let her know how your body is feeling, and she’ll do the same for you.



Naturally Increase Libido Men Date Night

Make A Weekly Date Night

According to a recent study highlighting the connection between romance and sex drive, men who take their partner on a weekly romantic outing were far more satisfied in their marriage. If you want to become a better, sexier partner, then make a note to plan a date with your woman. Surprises are great; just make sure it’s a date that will make her go crazy.



Increase Sex Drive In Marriage Role Playing

Try Something New  (Role Playing, Toys, etc.)

This idea may seem wild to those on the tamer side, but it’s a solid suggestion to boost your sex drive and get a spark back into your bedroom. Whether it’s role-playing out her fantasies or taking a trip to the sex toy shop, consider shaking it up when it comes to turning her on. She may act a bit shy about it, but you never know–it could give you the boost you’ve always been looking for.

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