Ultimate List: The 30 Best Hobbies For Men

Life Is More Than Work and Family. Hobbies Are a Great Way To Have YOU Time

It’s only normal to get bored of the things you used to enjoy, and if you find yourself spending all your free time on unproductive activities, you know it’s time for a change. A man is never too old to try something new, and if that new thing eventually develops into a cherished hobby, even better. Never let your age be the deciding factor for taking up a new hobby.


Having a hobby that brings you joy will considerably enrich your life. It will provide you with something fun to do during your leisurely times, and it will also introduce you to all sorts of opportunities to master new skills. Men nowadays are very fortunate to have so many different options to choose from, and your next hobby or passion project could be waiting for you just around the corner.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a distinguished list of 30 hobbies suitable for any man over the age of 40.



Best Mens Hobbies Archery


As you age, your bodily functions slowly start to deteriorate. Your brain loses its neuron count, and your mind isn’t what it used to be. Certain activities can substantially help you keep your mind sharp, and no hobby does a better job at that than archery. Focus is essential in order to excel in this activity. By making accurate and great shots in archery, you keep your mind healthy and working around the clock.



Killer Hobbies For Men Astronomy


Do you often find yourself staring at the night stars and pondering the existence and meaning of life? With enough time and inclination on your part, astronomy can be your perfect choice of hobby. The best part is, all you need to get started is a good pair of binoculars. Anyone who tells you that you need to spend thousands on the latest state-of-the-art telescope is just plain wrong. Learn all about constellations, planets, stars, galaxies, and make new connections by getting involved in the Astronomy community.



Hobbies For Men Beer Brewing

Beer Brewing

Let’s face it; beer brewing is a fantastic hobby. What could be better than making your own beer? It’s more than a perfect passion project for any beer-loving man out there, and it’s immensely rewarding as well. Many people seem to have this notion that you need to spend a lot of money on expensive special equipment to start, but that couldn’t be further than the truth.

Just get any starter homebrew equipment and start getting to know the difference between ale, lager, light and dark brews while perfecting your very own concoction along the way.



Best Hobbies For Men Bodybuilding


Many men believe that they shouldn’t be forcing their bodies too hard when performing physical activities as they age. We’re here to tell you that that’s not the correct mindset going into this. Not only will bodybuilding as a hobby help you stay healthy, but it will help break the stereotype that this is a hobby only for young adults. Even if you were never a part of a bodybuilding program or worked out a day in your life, you still have the same ability to build muscle mass as the highest trained master athletes of similar age.



Great Mens Hobbies Bowling


Regarded by many as one of the safest athletic activities out there, bowling is undoubtedly a great hobby to consider. Bowling offers a lot of health benefits to men of all ages. It’s the perfect form of exercise for older men, and depending on factors like weight or bowling style, you can burn up to 250 calories just by bowling for one hour. Join a local league and enjoy all the social aspects and camaraderie that recreational bowling provides.



Best Mens Hobbies Camping


If you are a man that craves the occasional fix of outdoor adventure, then camping is more than an ideal hobby for you. It covers a wide range of skills and dates back to the very first human connection to the wild, where finding water, gathering food, and improving means of shelter were considered essential for survival. What makes this hobby really stand out is its conjunction with other great pursuits like hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and fishing. 



Mens Hobbies Chess


Chess is a hobby that has passed the age of time, with its history tracing back nearly 1500 years. With millions of players participating in local and global tournaments and private games with friends yearly, chess is also on every top list for the world’s most popular games. Playing this game can be one of the most rewarding things that you can bring into your life. The cognitive and mental benefits alone should be enough to convince you if you’re still undecided.



Hobby Man Cooking


Cooking is a rather versatile hobby, great for any aging man. You can do it in conjunction with almost everything you would otherwise do at home. Food is something that always manages to bring people together, and if you enjoy entertaining your guests, you can count on cooking to do the trick. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also one of several hobbies that can allow you to create a revenue source for yourself once you get good enough.



Mens Hobbies Dancing


Dancing is an exhilarating hobby activity for men of all ages, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Men who take dance classes show everyone that they prioritize their health over worrying about stigmatization. It would be best if you looked at dancing as nothing more than a challenging fitness exercise. It is a very social and collaborative hobby, which can allow you to express your emotions in a new and exciting way.



Man Hobbies Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports

If you are a big sports fan, taking up fantasy sports as a hobby can only enhance your experience of being one. There’s something about fantasy sports that makes the games that much more fun to watch. When your own carefully hand-picked team comes out on top, you can’t help but feel good about yourself. 



Hobby For A Man Fencing


On the fence about fencing? Don’t be! Fencing is a very easy sport or hobby to get into at any age. Fun, exciting, and athletic, this hobby keeps both your body and mind fit. If you’re searching for something that can get you active physically and mentally at the same time, then we believe you needn’t look further than fencing. 



Best Mens Hobbies Fishing


No hobby is an even match for fishing when we’re talking about peace and tranquility. There’s something very soothing about sitting on the shore of a lake or a riverbank, listening to the soothing sound of waves while watching the gentle ripples of water. On the warmest of days, the gentle breeze coming from the water is merely rejuvenating. Fishing doesn’t come without its challenges. It takes a lot of effort and skill to catch a fish, and mastering this skill to perfection makes this whole hobby a fascinating venture.



Men Hobby Flying A Plane

Flying A Plane

We realize some of you men are more adventurous types than others, so we decided to include flying a plane on this list. What’s more exciting than climbing onto a plane and flying off for the weekend with your closest friends? Soar above your hometown on the highest of altitudes, and enjoy the serenity and silence that come with it. While it does sound like a dangerous affair, flying is as safe as the quality of your training, dedication, and personal competency.



Top Mens Hobby Gardening


This one if or all the nature lovers out there, because nothing can get you closer to nature itself than giving life to it. Gardening is something that can help you develop tolerance, perseverance, responsibility, and reward. By joining a gardening community, you can add a whole new layer to this entire experience. Add excitement to your life while fulfilling a purpose and making a positive change in your community simultaneously.



Mens Hobbies Golfing


For men who enjoy their time outdoors and want to try something that will test their precision, golf is the perfect hobby. Golf doesn’t have the high physical requirements that many other sports have, so it’s considered more of a gentleman’s sport. There is a certain prestige that comes with golfing; people from all over the world travel to visit the most amazing of courses and purchase all sorts of exclusive memberships.


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Top Hobbies For Men Hiking


Hiking has become a treasured pastime and hobby for people from all walks of life and ages. This hobby includes virtually everything, from a brief walk in the park to climbing the highest mountains with a pack strapped to your back. If exercise is all you are after, your regular hiking through the woods should be satisfactory enough. Once you get more seasoned, you can tackle more substantial challenges.



Great Hobbies For Him Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Are you an animal lover that’s also looking for a new hobby? Well then, horseback riding is an excellent choice. Riding provides you with a lot of mental and physical benefits. Many men find it therapeutic, which is why you can find it frequently listed as a part of many therapeutic experience programs. As soon as you mounted your first horse, you will start falling in love with this activity. 



Fitness Hobbies For Men Martial Arts

Martial Arts

It’s known as one of the most well-respected sports in the entire world, we are talking about martial arts, of course. You can think of martial arts as a form of fighting sequence made to fit a specific code. This hobby’s popularity has recently spread like wildfire, and men of all ages are considering taking up martial arts to learn how to protect themselves or their loved ones. There are many martial arts types to learn, with a total estimated number of 250 or more.



Hobby Men Meditation & Yoga

Meditation & Yoga

Meditation is essentially the mind’s stillness. Think of it as the doorway that connects you to your soul. While many people believe this is a hobby that better fits the gentler sex, you shouldn’t let it prevent you from trying it. Meditation and yoga can improve your focus and concentration; they rejuvenate your vitality and increase your happiness and emotional stability. Give it a chance and watch how life suddenly becomes flowing, effortless, and beautiful.



Best Hobbies For Men Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument

If there ever was an age to learn how to play a musical instrument, it’s now. Learning how to play a musical instrument comes with a lot of benefits. It can enhance your memory, build up your confidence, and widen your social circle. Music has a unique effect on your emotions. It keeps you calm, and it’s even capable of lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Nothing does wonders for your creative side of the brain like perfecting and practicing a musical piece does.



Top Hobby For Men New Language

New Language

Are you feeling up for a more challenging hobby? Then consider learning a new language.

We feel like this hobby is pretty self-explanatory. You should know by now that nothing but good things can come out of speaking multiple languages. Men who can speak more than one language are better at critical thinking, problem-solving, multitasking, and better listening skills.

While languages are best learned when we are at the youngest age, you shouldn’t let anything discourage you from trying at least.



Top Mens Hobbies Painting


Can you imagine life without colors? Painters certainly can’t. If you have an artistic side to you, painting can your personal escape from reality. This hobby gives you the perfect opportunity to express your emotions and feelings in the most profound of ways. Convey your every thought through painting and watch how they all take life in the form of your canvas.



Fun Mens Hobbies Photography


There’s an apparent reason why everyone seems to own some sort of camera nowadays. Even though people go a bit overboard by documenting every single moment of their lives on social media, the fundamental truth remains, photography is unquestionably a fulfilling hobby for any man of any age. You don’t even have to earn a cent from all these pictures; it’s all about the joy they bring to your life. Moreover, combine photography with any other of your hobbies, and you get something close to perfection.



Mens Hobbies Podcasting


Podcasting is a relatively new hobby usually associated with younger audiences. Nevertheless, if you are a man who’s got topics, themes, ideas, and you’re itching to get your message across to everyone, there’s no better way to do it than by starting a podcast. Even though this might begin as nothing more than an innocent hobby, eventually, it might grow into something more successful, something you can even monetize.



Man Hobbies Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another hobby that caters more to those seeking thrill and adventure. While it’s great for men of all ages, jumping into the water with only a breathing tube and a metal canister sounds like a terrible idea if you have an irrational fear of water or can’t swim for your life. Nevertheless, this hobby opens up an entirely new world full of opportunities when traveling.



Mens Hobby Surfing


For a lot of men, surfing isn’t just a hobby, but a lifestyle. Sure, it seems like every other hobby or sport on paper, but there is a particular culture associated with surfing. Before you can even consider it, you need to know that it’s one of the most challenging and complex activities out there. Things like tides, wind, and swells are all factors you need to consider when surfing. If you are up to the challenge, it can be a gratifying and pleasant learning process.



Fun Hobbies For A Man Traveling


While some people choose to spend their hard-earned money and time on material possessions, others prefer to spend it on trips to exciting new places. Traveling is truly an incredible and rewarding experience, and visiting new places can turn out to be beneficial in every aspect of your life, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It comes as no surprise why this is the most common and preferred hobby for men of all ages.



Great Mens Hobbies Volunteering


If you want to have a hobby that’s beneficial both to yourself and your community, there’s nothing better than volunteering. Helping out with even the smallest of tasks can end up making a significant difference in the lives of other people in need. Remember that volunteering is a two-way street. It will benefit both you and the cause you want to help in the long run. The time you will dedicate will help you meet new acquaintances, expand your network, and improve your social skills.



Manly Hobbies Woodworking


Man has been working with wood dating back to the earliest centuries, and wood remains one of the earth’s most precious resources. Taking a meaningless piece of wood and having the ability to transform it into something beautiful is certainly something impressive. Woodworking is more of an acquired taste of a hobby, but it certainly is appealing enough to try. Given a chance, it’s both relaxing and fun once you get into it. 



Great Hobbies Men Writing


Again, we saved the best for last. Writing is our favorite for obvious reasons, and it’s a passion project and hobby for millions of people around the globe. The best part is, there’s no correct way of writing. Writing is everything that comes out from your pencil, pen, or keyboard. It’s just a great way to get your message through in a way spoken words just can’t. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t ever want to stop perfecting it and might even end up making a career out of it.



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