You’re Not Really A Man Until You Own These 20 Things

20 Things Every Man Should Own. If You Don’t, You May Still Be A Boy

What does it mean to be a real man? Maybe it’s virtues like confidence, charm, and charisma. Or perhaps it has more to do with physical attributes.


After all, what’s manlier than a fully-grown beard, a styled mustache, and enormous muscles? To some extent, looks matter, and the qualities mentioned above are ones that every man should strive for, but if you want to stand out from the pack, you need to turn your eye to your possessions.

It has nothing to do with being materialistic. Quite the opposite, it has to do with surrounding yourself with things that are an indication of your dignity, values, self-respect, and integrity.

Here is our list of 20 things that every well respected and successful man should own.



Things Every Man Should Own Tailored Suit


A Really Nice Tailored Suit or 2

It’s considered a staple in every man’s wardrobe, the suit. And no, we don’t mean your regular everyday department store suit. We are talking about a nice well-tailored suit, flawlessly embroidered to fit your body type. Not only will it boost people’s confidence and opinion of you, but it will also inspire confidence within yourself. Owning one is essential to leave the best of first impressions, making all the difference in today’s corporate world. Visit your local tailor shop as soon as today, and go out there looking like a million bucks!



Nice Watch

A Nice Watch

Keeping track of time is as essential as ever, but do you really need a watch for that when you have a perfectly good smartphone sitting in your pocket? Clocks are virtually everywhere, but trust us when we say there are still several good reasons to wear a watch. It can be the ultimate accessory to your style, and the best part is, it doesn’t have to be an expensive Rolex to stand out. What better to go with that new fancy suit you just bought than a nice watch?



Things Every Man Should Own Toolbox

A Toolbox

It’s more crucial than ever to own a useful toolbox set in the house. Things go breaking down all the time, and all sorts of emergencies can emerge out of nowhere. Why should you spend your hard-earned money on a professional when you very well know these are things you can be taking care of yourself. All you need is a couple of DIY videos and the right tool for the job.



Sunglasses Things Every Man Should Own

A Great Pair of Sunglasses

Not many things are certain in life, but sunglasses never going out of style is as sure as it gets. Besides looking cool and all, owning a great pair of sunglasses is particularly useful to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They don’t need to be super expensive or flashy, but before investing in any, make sure they are at least built to last.



Things Every Man Should Own Home Workout Equipment

Home Workout Equipment

Many men live fast lifestyles these days, rarely leaving them with enough time to indulge in their hobbies. Sometimes it’s just impossible to fit the gym with everything else you have going on. That doesn’t mean you should give up the idea of staying fit, though. Owning home workout equipment is extremely beneficial in such cases, leaving you with no excuse not to hit the weights in the comfort of your own home.



Things Every Man Should Own Passport

A Passport

Every once in a while, we all get burned out. Be it from overwork or by doing the same thing every day, it just happens. What better way to recharge your batteries than by taking a vacation? Grab your passport and immersive yourself in the rich culture this world has to offer.



Things Every Man Should Own Wallet

A Nice Wallet

It’s no coincidence that wallets are one of the most common birthday gifts men receive. A nice leather wallet makes a big fashion statement and defines your style. Both practical and convenient, it’s just an excellent addition to any successful man’s accessory collection. 



Things Every Man Should Own Matched Luggage Set

A Matching Luggage Set

A modern man knows not to underestimate the importance of fashion. People love to look at aesthetically pleasing things, and that’s why you shouldn’t be looking at your luggage just as a suitcase to store items in, but rather as an accessory to style. Whether it’s a work briefcase or a gym bag, a matching luggage set will surely leave an impression.



Things Every Man Should Own Cologne


Every man should be thinking of cologne as an invisible part of their unique style. It can leave a powerful impression and change the way people see and remember you. Choosing a strong fragrance can provide you with numerous benefits. It will make you feel more attractive, relieve you of stress, and boost your confidence at the same time.



Things Every Man Should Own Camping Gear

Camping Gear

Any man that considers himself a nature lover or outdoor adventurer should have a full set of camping gear available at all times. On the flip side that you’re not a fan of the outdoors, know that you’re missing out big. Expose yourself to new things from time to time. A good place to start is camping, the perfect escape from the busy metropolitan life. 


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Things Every Man Should Own Glassware


Glassware is one of our picks that might seem odd to you at first, but hear us out. What’s the first thing you offer to your guests? That’s right, a drink. A contemporary man knows that everything in his home can leave a strong impression, including the glass he serves the beverage in. Be it a wine glass or a regular water glass, leave your guests awed.



Things Every Man Should Own Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit

Remember what we said in the beginning? Looks do matter. Women are notorious for hoarding beauty products, while men, on the other side, are guilty of not using nearly enough as they should be. No, you can’t call your razor blade, cheap body wash, and aftershave cream your grooming kit; that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Invest in some high-quality male grooming products, and start noticing the difference almost immediately.



Investment Portfolio

An Investment Portfolio

Building an investment portfolio might seem like a harrowing ordeal, but the benefits of having one significantly outweigh the struggle. A personal portfolio is beneficial in more ways than one. Apart from potentially growing your fortune, it also says a lot about your responsibility as a man. Show people you aren’t afraid of taking risks; your success in the business world will eventually lead to success in every other aspect of life.



Things Every Man Should Own Artwork

Nice Artwork

Livening up your home with lovely artwork goes a long way in showing people that you are a man of culture. That doesn’t mean you should only own art to impress your peers. Above all else, you should do it for yourself. A man’s taste in art goes to the very core of who they are.



Things Every Man Should Own Home Bar

A Home Bar Setup

Setting up a bar in the comfort and solitude of your own home is an excellent idea for many reasons. If you are a fan of pubs and bars, it will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Not to mention you’ll always have your favorite drink in stock. And the best part? No drinking and driving! 




A House

This one is a no-brainer, right? A dorm room or a small one-bedroom apartment might be cozy, but you aren’t a kid anymore. You’re a man now, and being a man means showing some responsibility. By owning a house you can call your own, you show everyone just how serious you are.



Things Every Man Should Own 4k Tv

A High-End Television

Investing in a high-end television is one of the wisest choices that any man can make. Chances are, you are a huge sports fan, and if you aren’t, then you must enjoy the occasional good movie or two. Either way, after a long hard day at work, kicking back on your couch and cheering on your favorite team in front of a big screen is undoubtedly a great way to unwind.



Things Every Man Should Own Mattress And Bedding

A Nice Mattress & Bedding

Investing in a nice bed and mattress can potentially be life-changing. Lack of a good night’s sleep leads to irritability, a lousy diet, and a massive decline in health. Just consider the fact that an average man spends at least 7 to 9 hours sleeping daily, so it really comes as no surprise why this is such a good investment. Wake up each day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge in front of you.



Things Every Man Should Own Sound System

A Killer Sound System

Remember that high-end television we talked about? What’s the one thing that really goes well with it? A killer sound system, of course! Put on your favorite track and blast those speakers on full volume. Good sound systems can be quite expensive, and you might think it’s not worth it. Remember that It’s your hard-earned money, and you should spend it on things that make you happy.



Things Every Man Should Own High End Bottle Of Scotch

A Bottle Of Scotch Whisky

We saved the best for last. Flipping open the alcohol cabinet and showing your collection to your guests can simply be described as euphoric—one of life’s few pleasures that every man deserves to experience. A good bottle of scotch whisky will make a fine addition to your little paradise.

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