How To Communicate More Effectively With Your Wife

15 Tips For Being A Better Husband and Having a Happier Marriage

As a man, you’ll never fully understand what goes on inside the mind of a woman. While it’s a fact of reality, it’s through no fault of your own. The way men see the world is just inherently different, but there’s nothing wrong with that.


Women pay much closer attention to specific words and gestures, while guys might completely miss the mark. Plenty of guys have gotten themselves in trouble by making a well-intentioned joke that came across as an insult or worse.

Most women aren’t impossible to communicate with; you just have to know how to approach them in an intimate conversation. Whether she’s your girlfriend or your wife, there’s always a path to better communicate with one another. If you can master these skills with your lady, all of your life’s relationships will benefit.

If you live with a woman, her emotional state can quickly change throughout many cycles every day. Most of the time, you’ll be able to figure out how she feels just by talking to her. But if she starts to withdraw and shy away from you, communicating can be a bit more complicated. To navigate this challenge, you must know how to communicate appropriately with her. Being a good listening partner can reveal exactly how she might feel, even if she isn’t saying much. Be an open book and take the time to talk one on one with her. Miss this crucial skill, and you could be setting your relationship up to fail.

Communication styles between men and women are vastly different. Make sure you’re prepared on how to deal with these situations. If you’re seeking a few ways to keep the peace and understand your woman on a deeper level, check out these relationship tips.


The Importance Of Good Communication.

Some relationships start with both people bonding over nearly perfect communication, but others require more time to become something strong. Whatever your situation may be, it’s crucial to check in with your partner and see how they’re feeling in their life. Often as men, we can hide our stress away and remain stoic. Women need the safety of a loving and caring partner who listens to them when they’re in need. If they’re struggling and need help or if they feel deeply in love with you, get to know how they’re feeling, and you’re sure to grow closer to your partner. Relationships are never easy, and they’re certainly not guaranteed to last forever. You’ve got to put in the work and listen to her each day.

Even if you’re a master at listening to her talk, there’s always a new way to communicate better and understand her feelings on a deeper level.


What Is Healthy Communication?

Comfort, trust, and intimacy are the keys to healthy communication in your relationship. Peacefully talking about feelings, treating each other with respect, and examining who we are as people will lead both partners into an open and beneficial dialogue. It’s up to each person to analyze their needs and also the needs of their partner. When they work together, both parties can improve communication and build new ways to learn from each other.

Healthy communication is never a one-way conversation–and the more time you spend together, the more you’ll need to communicate to keep things working smoothly. Make her feel as if she can trust you with any secret. Her body language will also tell you quite a lot; if she begins to get quiet and draws away, she’s clearly not happy with the situation.


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15 Relationship Communication Hacks.

01. Ask How She Is Every Day.

Take the time to ask her how she is every single day. Make sure you mix it up; you don’t want her to feel like you’re just faking it to make her feel better. Think of something like asking her about how she felt during the day or if she had the opportunity to overcome any challenges at work. Try to really connect with her; it will make her fall even deeper in love with you.


02. Don’t Make Assumptions.

Never assume anything until she’s told you something. This is one of the best ways to improve how you both get along. When you assume something, she feels like you don’t actually want to know how she’s doing. It can appear that you’ve already made up your mind.


03. Listen, Don’t Just Hear.

When you’re talking things out, pause to listen to what she’s saying. Even if she’s repeating herself, it’s essential to find a way to comfort her in this situation. If you’re not perfect, it’s okay; you will learn over time. As long as you try your best, she’ll continue to communicate with you.


04. Talk Through Issues Before They Cause Resentment.

Don’t let those ugly feelings get bottled up inside of you. Once the anger starts, it’s easy to say things that we don’t actually mean. Many men find it hard to talk with women due to their underlying resentment. Even if they’re in love, they can still be perpetually angry at their girlfriend.


05. Say “Thank You” Often.

Showing gratitude is so essential, and if her hard work goes unnoticed, you can be sure to hurt her feelings. Take the time to say thank you for something that she’s done. Whether she made a fantastic dinner or helped keep the house clean, all of her contributions are important. Every lady loves to be noticed.


06. Pick The Right Timing.

If she’s not in the mood to talk, let it go and try to move on. Don’t push the subject, and don’t try to help if it’s not wanted. Women hate to be pressured into saying how they truly feel. If she wants you to know or needs your help, she’ll come to you.


07. Compliment Her Often.

This is a simple idea, but it’s one habit men can sometimes forget to do. When you’re spending time together, look for ways to brighten her day with some kind words. No matter if she’s your girlfriend or your wife, women love listening to compliments.


08. Take Time To Calm Down If You Are Angry.

This is a big one and super important if you struggle with your temper. If you’re not in a place of peace, you could end up saying something that you regret later on. Listen to what she had to say, process it, and then respond. Most women will feel so grateful for a man who treats them kindly, even when he is angry.


09. Don’t Interrupt Her.

Keep firm eye contact when you’re communicating with her and let her run with the conversation. She may have quite a few words to say, so you must pay attention to how she is talking and find out what she wants to know.


10. Be Present And Engaged.

Communication goes far beyond merely hearing the words. You’ve got to be an active listener and make an effort to communicate better. Take a moment to sit with her, listening to the tone of her voice. Women love to know that their man appreciates what she’s saying.


11. Be honest, But With Tact.

Lying to her face never works out well. But if she needs to know something from you, give her the honest truth. This may be the best way to getting her to feel like she can trust you. As her partner, you owe it to her to be truthful about the big things–but if you’ve got a small secret in your life, she may not need to know.


12. Learn How Your Girl Feels Appreciated.

When you communicate better with your lady, you’re approaching it as two people who want the best for each other. If you’re going to make her feel better about herself, try listening to her fantasies and the ways she loves to be celebrated. She may like one type of compliment but hate it when you call her a pet name. You’ll only find out if you ask.


13. Allow Her To Express Herself Without Judgment.

If you’re well-intentioned and want to bond with your partner, give her the freedom to be the person she truly is. Don’t judge her for past relationships or shame her for any choice she’s made. Like everyone, she may have made a few mistakes in her life. What counts is that she’s with you now and committed to forming a close bond with you.


14. Ask Her Questions.

Get to know her life. Talk with her about the way past relationships went. Learn about what she loves in life. Talk to her about where she sees herself with you in the future. Talk to her like you’d want to be spoken to–you can learn so much when you allow her to talk.


15. Learn To Read Her Body Language.

In one simple gesture or glance, she can tell you exactly where she’s at. It’s up to you to learn how to read her body language and react accordingly. If you can do this effectively, you’re closer to perfecting the art of communication.

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